Subscription Levels

As a social enterprise, our primary mission is to support education in the construction trades.    To this end, we provide a free subscription level to our training resources as well as a premium content subscription level. 


Free Subscription to Instructional Resources 

To access the free content, please click here to create an account.  You will then be able to access the free content library. 

Premium Subscription to Instructional Resources 

Please contact us to learn more about accessing premium content.  This subscription rate allows the inclusion in a learning portal – with a single domain.   TSU premium pricing or learn about partner programs

Resource Element Basic Subscription Instructional Resources Open Courses on TSU (Interactive courses on Learning Portal) Premium Instructional Resources or Premium Courses on TSU or a Partner Portal
TRADES TRAINING VIDEO SERIES YouTube videos with ads Links Only YouTube videos with ads - Links Only Vimeo videos NO ads
Lesson plans
Quiz/Answer Key
Question bank ready for LMS
Presentation Slides
Student Vocabulary Resources
Skills Exercise Documents
Presentation Review slides
Skills Exercise Student Review Videos YouTube version with Ads YouTube version with Ads Vimeo Version - No Ads
Skills Exercise Instructor Review Videos Vimeo Version - No Ads
Courses in SCROM format ready for upload to an LMS
TSU Student Engagement Videos
Train the Trainer Professional Development Video Series

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