Do you provide training in the construction trades, or plan to?

Training the workforce of tomorrow is not easy and it requires many different types of resources.  Our resources can help you expand your programs. 

Meet your students where they are – and save time and resources in the process.  We don’t think that all construction training can be delivered online – but certainly, some of it can be and we are here to help.   Training in the 21st century is often delivered in a blended learning environment – some online lessons with hands-on training being delivered face to face 
Content Only – TEACH Construction OER
  • You can access to high-quality instructional resources from the TEACH Construction Initiative resources library here
  • Instructional Resources from the TEACH Construction OER library can also be used in conjunction with your existing curriculum to support your teaching efforts. is here to support YOU – so YOU can deliver high-quality ONLINE training to YOUR students.   We are providing the online platform, and access to enhanced training content through our Trades Training Video Series, so you can do your job even better
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Private Groups

For our partners that have less than 30 students, we will provide you with a group enrollment code to use when accessing one of our  courses.   

This will allow your students to enroll in specific courses but only see the students in their group – and the teacher can only see the students in their group.  The private group option is limited to those courses that are already created in the course library.

The tuition per student is listed on the courses page and equals 50% of the tuition rate per course on 

Private Branded Courses 

For those partners that have more than 30 students, we will create one custom branded copy of any of our courses

Features to Private courses 

1 – Specific course name and logo in the course catalog

2- Ability to select one of the courses in the course catalog to be loaded into your Private Branded Course.

The tuition per student is listed on the courses page and equals 50% of the tuition rate per course on 

$500 plus per student tuition

Customized Branded Courses

For those partners that want to customize the student experience, we offer you the ability to customize any of our courses and add your own content.

Features to Private courses

  1. A teacher may add custom content to the course, edit our content, move course elements around, or select a different course format
  2. Specific course name and logo in the course catalog 
  3. Multiple courses from our library can be merged into one course (example – electrical content can be included in the fundamentals course)
  4. Multiple non-editing teacher accounts, and 1 teacher account with editing abilities

The tuition price per student is listed on the courses page and equals 50% of the tuition rate per course on 

$6,000 per year (10% discount on Tuition)

Private Branded Learning Portals

When private courses are not enough, we have another option, you can have your own private portal.  We will create for you, and manage, a full Learning portal with the same functionality as 

Of course, you will be limited to enrolling your students and will have the full functionality of a robust learning portal complete with all of our instructional resources. 

Contact us today to discuss this partnership option

$15,000 per year (10% discount on student tuition)

Reseller Learning Portal

Our Learning Portal reseller program is designed to bring training materials to more people.   We know there are many great training programs in the country and many more that may be able to become one.   Our goal is to support both with our curriculum, resources and online tools.

The TEACH Construction reseller programs include the following.

  • A privately branded portal
  • Full administrative access to the learning portal
  • 60% discount of tuition rates on all courses in our Trades Training Series
  • Ability to enroll students outside of those you directly train
  • Ability to purchase exclusive rights to one or more territories

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