TEACH Construction has partnered with Benjamin Moore to create and provide Instructional Resources that will assist in the delivery of high-quality training in the painting trades.  Benjamin Moore provided generous funding and technical assistance to make this possible. 

At TEACH Construction, our primary goal is to create and distribute Instructional Resources to those engaged in training the current and next generation of painters – and deliver these assets at no cost to the educator (We create the tools for teachers/instructors to TEACH construction).  To meet this goal, we create the tools that teachers/instructors need, namely lesson plans, presentations, narrated presentations, knowledge review tools, and hands-on skills exercises.   All Instructional Resources are created to align with industry approved training competencies, so each student has the knowledge and abilities that are in demand by today’s employers.  An example of these Instructional Resources can be accessed on the course description page  

We have created instructional content for both of our resource offerings. 

  1. The training resources are part of our Open Educational Resource library
  2. and the Benjamin Moore investment will also provide for free access to our Fundamentals of Painting on TradeSkillsU.com for the next 12 months. 

The full course is expected to be available on TradeSkillsU.com in early August

“Collaborating with TEACH Construction to inspire and develop the next generation of professional painters is a natural alignment for Benjamin Moore as we remain committed to supporting the communities we serve through workforce development and educational programs focusing on trade skills, architecture, interior design and more,” said Craig Bunting, Benjamin Moore Director, Customer Segments. “Through this initiative, our goal is to provide both independent painters and contractor businesses the resources to equip professionals with the expertise and confidence to be successful.”

Resources Examples

TEACH Learning Portal

In addition to creating the Instructional Resources, we also provide the tools to deliver the training in a hybrid online/hands-on environment. 

This means we can deliver our learning assets in a format ready to be loaded on a partners Learning Management System (LMS) – or the partner can utilize our LMS at www.TradeSkillsU.com

Our Fundamentals of Painting course includes, 3 main sections.

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