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Presentation Decks

We provide over a hundred presentation decks, available as Google Slides versions.  Topics range from basic safety and introduction to construction tools, to deeper dives into multiple trades like carpentry, concrete, electrical, plumbing and painting…and the list keeps growing. 

Narrated Presentations – A no-frills version of a video presentation

While these videos are not as good as our Trades Training Video Series lessons, the content is still strong and complete…and they are free.    Many of these presentation videos also have video clips of the tools in action.

These can be used as self-paced education tools, maybe student study guides, or used on an employer’s LMS.

While this page is mainly about the OER elements – please remember that the really good videos are part of our Trades Training Video Series. 

This video is part of our Painting Fundamentals course.


Fundamentals of Construction Skills Exercises

Construction can not be taught with presentations and videos alone.  The TEACH Construction library has a skills exercise connected to each module.  An instructor can use some of our resources or all of them. 

Skills Exercises    &   Review Videos

After a concept is taught in theory – the hands-on portion of training begins.   Our skills exercises are defined training activities.  Each skills exercise has a paired Instructor Review Video to support the teacher.


Instructor Resources:

We understand that schools and teachers need more than just presentations and exercises.  This is why we provide Lesson Plans, Pacing Guides, Vocabulary, and a suite of Quizzes as well as access to a knowledge review question bank.

You may be asking yourself one of the following:

    1. So what is it all about?
    2. What does it include?
    3. How do you access the content?
    4. How much does it cost?
    5. or Just plain why?

The short answers are.

    1. It’s all about building supporting the construction industry 
    2. It includes as much content as we could create or collect from partners
    3. Content can be accessed through our online catalog
    4. There is no cost to you the user – as long as you are a School or a training organization
    5. We did it because we could, therefore we should…so we did.  Industry partners invest in the initiative, so we can help create content to share with you…to support the industry. 

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