Introduction to Electrical Wiring

intro to electrical 4

Electrical Promo Video

Student Engagement Video for the start of the Electrical Wiring course

One of the Student Skills Exercises

Trades Training Courses

Course Features

Basic Electrical Tools

2 video lessons providing a review of the basic hand and power tools used in the electrical trade - with an emphasis on residential wiring tools

Basic Electrical Materials

2 video lessons reviewing the basic electrical materials - from wire types to electrical devices

Wiring Process

11 mini-lessons about the wiring process - from running Romex cable to wiring a 3-way switch.

Knowledge Review (quiz)

This course has a built-in knowledge review quiz in the tools section, the materials section, and the process section.

Skills Exercises

4 Skills Exercise Lesson Videos and accompanying Skills Exercise Plans -

Student Engagement Videos

Each course section has mini-engagement videos, sometimes to introduce a section or explain what is next...and sometimes just to say great job.

Instructor Resources

Each course provides an instructor resource library, this consists of resources from the TEACH OER library and additional resources for the instructor.

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