Wood Wall Framing

top wood framing

Student Engagement Video for the start of the Wall Framing Course

Instructor Review Video

One of our Framing Skills Exercises

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Course Features

Air tools

3 video lessons providing a review of air compressors and a variety of Air nailers.

Levels and Squaring

2 video lessons reviewing the levels and the concept of squaring. We also have skills exercises covering how to use a level (this one can be done at home also) and an exercise for squaring with a chalk line and the 345 method

Framing Lessons

We provide a video lesson on plate layout and another lesson on basic wall framing. We have a third lesson on framing with Rough Openings and a mini-lesson for review on the parts of a rough opening

Knowledge Review (quiz)

This course has a built-in knowledge review quiz in the air tools section, the levels and squaring section, and the framing section.

Skills Exercises

This course has several skills exercises available. Levels, Squaring, Plate layout for simple wall, and plate layout for wall with RO's. Also several wall build projects from the TEACH OER library.

Student Engagement Videos

Each course section has mini-engagement videos, sometimes to introduce a section or explain what is next...and sometimes just to say great job. And example is provided to the left on this page

Instructor Resources

Each course provides an instructor resource library, this consists of resources from the TEACH OER library and additional resources for the instructor.

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