Fundamentals of Construction

top core fundamentals

Speed Square Lesson Video

Plan Reading Exercise Instructions

Miter Saw Skills Exercise Student Review

Miter Saw Student Skills Exercises Plans

Trades Training Courses

Course Features


4 basic Safety video lessons - Safety Awareness, PPE, Ladder Safety, Fire Safety

Measure and marking

3 video lessons on the tape measure, additional lessons on Marking Tools, Speed Square, and Chalk Line.

Basic Hand Tools, Basic Power Tools, Materials

A video lesson for basic hand tools, a video lesson on basic power tools, and a video on basic construction materials, a lesson on the cordless drill, a video lesson on the hammer

Power saws

6 video lessons covering the Miter Saw, Circular Saws, and the Reciprocating Saw

Employment skills

A series of lessons about construction resumes, and job communication skills

Applied Math

Elements from our math application course - these resources do not teach math but show how to use arithmetic and fractions in basic construction skills. Additional basic geometry applications are also available

Intro to Plan Reading

3 lesson videos on the basics of residential plan reading. The module also provides access to a full set of construction plans

Knowledge Review (quiz)

This course has a built-in knowledge review quizzes in the for every lesson listed above.

Skills Exercises

the fundamentals course has skills exercises for each lesson area - Measuring, Speed Square, Hammer, Cordless Drill, 2 Miter Saw cut practice exercises, 2 Circular Saw cut practice exercises, A print Reading exercise and several build projects to choose from.

Student Engagement Videos

Each course section has mini-engagement videos, sometimes to introduce a section or explain what is next...and sometimes just to say great job.

Instructor Resources

Each course provides an instructor resource library, this consists of resources from the TEACH OER library and additional resources for the instructor.

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