Help Support the expansion of construction training

Providing quality training to build a construction workforce will take all of us working together and you may be able to help.   We are looking to expand both our Open Educational Resources and our Trades Training Video Series.

Open Educational Resources

If you have training tools that you are willing to provide to the construction training community as free resources, please consider allowing them to be included in the TEACH Construction OER library.
We will show you how to update that content to include a Creative Commons License to protect your content.

Trades Instructor Program

Our Instructor Royalty Program provides a contributing instructor with a percentage of any tuition we collect for your courses, either through our portal or one of our partner portals.
The royalty percentage varies depending on how complete your content is and how much work we must do to make it ready for the learning management portals we provide.   The percentages range from 25% to 45%.

Contact us today to learn more and start contributing to the training of the workforce of today and tomorrow.

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