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As our world changes, the way we deliver construction training has to change with it...

and this means adding some sort of online teaching options to your course


Providing engaging online training takes more than just a just providing an electronic textbook – or presentations with a voice-over.  Our Online Learning Portal services provides our partners with a variety of video-based training tools.


Video Lessons – 

Each of our Trades Training Video Lessons provides – 

  1.  Instruction from one of our Trainers
  2. Follows a presentation slide deck that is also available in the Instructor Resources section
  3. Multiple camera views to provide close-ups 

This example is from our Introduction to Electrical Wiring course – one video from a series of process videos

Skills Exercise – 

We provide a library of Skills Exercises that provide the teacher/instructor the opportunity to observe an evaluate each student individually. 
Some of the skills exercises are from our TEACH Construction Open Educational Resources library – and some are exclusive to our assets. 

Mini Lessons

Occasionally we break lessons into mini review sessions, not all videos need to be full lessons. 
This example is a lesson review from our intro to wall framing course. 

Student Engagement Videos

We think an online course consisting of just a list of lessons and quizzes, can be very boring.    We add what we call Student Engagement Videos throughout the course to break it up, explain what is next and attempt to keep the students engaged. 

Instructor Review Videos

We also provide  a full library of videos to explain and support the teacher/instructor when delivering the skills exercises. 
Additionally we provide instructor versions of most skills exercises.