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While there is no cost to access the Instruction Resources from TEACH Construction – we do ask you to answer a few questions and agree to a couple of things. 

A reminder that the OER library is not all of our content – it is only the free resources 

Scroll up for the form - and the response after submission.

If the form embedded above does not work for any reason - please read below and use the button

By clicking on the button to the left – you will be taken to a Google form and asked a few things such as the following – Its only ten questions. 

We will then provide you with link to the catalog.

Initial questions: 

  1. Who are you
  2. What do you teach
  3. Do you agree to the terms of the Creative Commons License – Available here
  4. What curriculum do you use
  5. Who are you teaching
  6. We will ask a couple of questions about how you deliver your classes
  7. We will also ask if you want some support from industry (we may be able to help with that) 
Biannual Survey – (we will send you an electronic survey 2 times per year, and ask questions like the the following) 


  1. What types of classes were any of the TEACH Instructional Resources used in
  2. How many students were exposed to any of the TEACH Instructional Resources
  3. What modules or elements from the TEACH Construction Library have been used
  4. What is the graduation rate of your classes (average)
  5. If known – please share any information about students gaining a job in the construction industry

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