We create the tools for teachers/instructors to TEACH construction

TEACH Construction uses industry investments to create curriculum, and the related instructional resources, for professionals to deliver high-quality training in the construction trades.​

Check out our Online Learning Portal at www.TeachLMS.org, or the examples on this site. 

In partnership with Industry and Education we are creating the tools to build our workforce

Industry Partnerships: 

Benjamin Moore, PDA and TEACH Construction Launch On-Demand Training Program for Painters.  Learn More

Instructional Resources: 

We have built a library of construction curriculum, and related instructional resources used to teach construction fundamentals and introduction to specific trades.  We continue to build resources for advanced training in the high demand trades.  

Implementation Tools:

From Lesson Plans to model course shells on our Learning Management System (LMS), we are ready to provide you with the tools you need to deliver a high-quality training program. 

Primarily, TEACH Construction  uses industry investments to create curriculum and related instructional resources for professionals to deliver high-quality training in the construction trades.   If you’re a teacher, instructor or trainer interested in these shared resources you may want to view available content through our resource library.

The TEACH Construction Community supports effective and collaborative deployment of education tools to remove barriers for organizations to provide construction career pathway programs.

Secondarily, TEACH Construction provides a platform to our partners in the TEACH Network to facilitate Hybrid learning (online and hands-on), through our learning portal.

 The final element in the TEACH Construction toolbox is our Community Education Initiative.  This is where we offer a few of our courses to the general public to help individuals explore careers in the trades by learning how to do what trade professionals do.   Our hope is that you will consider using those new skills to start a career in our amazing construction industry, and/or support someone else in doing so.

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Training on hand and power tools


Introduction to painting

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