Together, we can rebuild our workforce.

TEACH Construction is an initiative to build a community of learning for competency-based construction education. 

Check out our Online Learning Portal at, or the examples on this site. 

In partnership with Industry and Education we are creating the tools to build our workforce

Instructional Resources: 

We have built a library of construction curriculum, and related instructional resources used to teach construction fundamentals and introduction to specific trades.  We continue to build resources for advanced training in the high demand trades.  

Implementation Tools:

From Lesson Plans to model course shells on our Learning Management System (LMS), we are ready to provide you with the tools you need to deliver a high-quality training program. 



The TEACH Construction Initiative is about Shared Instructional Content.  Effective, relevant, timely construction skills training content that builds a better workforce for everyone. 

The TEACH Construction Community supports effective and collaborative deployment of education tools to remove barriers for organizations to provide construction career pathway programs.

Stakeholders work together to address the labor needs of today while also developing the workforce of tomorrow. 

  • Leading construction organizations in the industry
  • Forward Thinking Suppliers, Vendors, and Trade Associations
  • Employers ready to build a 21st century workfroce

Train Adults so they are ready for the jobsite

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