We create the tools for
Teachers/Instructors to TEACH Construction
Partner with us
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We create the tools for teachers/instructors to TEACH Construction

TEACH Construction is here to support those doing the great work of training individuals in the trades. 

To effectively train in the 21st Century a teacher/trainer needs to have a wide array of tools in their “instructional toolbox”- both digital tools and physical tools.  
Our construction training curriculum, and related instructional resources will help deliver high-quality training in the classroom and online.

TEACH Construction supports construction training with three main tools

We offer a full catalog of instructional resources as part of our Free Subscription.   

Lesson Plans, Youtube Video Lessons, Presentation decks, Knowledge Review quizzes, Skills Exercises, Instructor Resources

Learn more about our free resources here

Our video lesson library is now over 100 training videos in the following trades

  1. Fundamental of Construction

  2. Introduction to Electrical

  3. Introduction to Painting

  4. Introduction to Plan Reading

  5. Introduction to Basic Framing

And more videos on the way

Partners can sign up for private courses on our TradeSkillsU.com portal or we will create, deploy, and manage a full learning portal with same functionality and starting content as TradeSkillsU.com.  See a few of our partners





Do you provide training and looking for a partner?   

Partner Services

Training the workforce of tomorrow is not easy and it requires many different types of resources.  While we can not help with all your needs, we can certainly help with a couple of them. 


If you are a school and looking for solutions to provide online training, please contact us to discuss partnerships

Training Progams

We partner with workforce training programs by providing training curriculum and private branded portals


Our curriculum and TradeSkillsU.com portal can support employee training programs, partner with us to help build your workforce

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